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what is the main advantage of a solar appliance?


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency will be your best friend when the days get cloudy and your solar panels produce less energy. Energy efficiency in a residential chest freezer or refrigerator hinges on a couple of factors.

#1 Thickness of the insulation. How good is your appliance insulated? Not only does insulation increase the efficiency of your appliance in normal operation, but consider if you are ever completely out of power or your appliance breaks. Sun Star freezers can go days without running before the food is thawed and begins to spoil, 3-4 days is not uncommon, with up to a week in certain conditions.

#2 Quality of your compressor. Sun Star insists on using only the highest quality compressors therefore the compressors also use less energy when operating.

#3 System design. Efficiency can be gained by correctly designing the cooling system in the appliance. Sun Star has invested a lot of resources, time, and energy to perfect this art.

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